MySpace – check out who is viewing your profile!

For people who want to keep an eye on who is viewing their MySpace pages, there are two sites that offer myspace tracking: and

Those sites allow MySpace members to embed HTML code in their profile pages that reports back to the tracking sites so members can see who was viewing their pages. This only works with MySpace and not Facebook, however, because MySpace allows members to use HTML in their profiles and Facebook does not. It is very easy to add the HTML code to your MySpace page. Please check how to do this by visiting the websites I’ve highlighted above.

I suggest that you do use and to check who has been viewing your pages, but we doubt many people will use these services. The reason being that most of the social community users will more than likely be non-technical and will not understand how or what these tracking sites do. To find out more about these tracking websites please click here.

Safe surfing folks!


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2 Responses to MySpace – check out who is viewing your profile!

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do i know if these are completely safe to use. Will either give me a virus or anything? I don’t trust just anything

  2. Julian says:

    We have tested both for safety and they are 100% safe to use. The only concern from me was that you needed a bit of technical knowledge to insert the code. Other than that – nothing intrusive nor a security threat to you.

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