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Did you know?

Internet Security is not really understood by consumers. The reason for this is they know they need it but they are not sure quite what it does and whether it is doing what it says. In fact if you were to ask ‘average joe’ in the street he/she would be unable to tell you what it really does.

The Real Story

Imagine that you didn’t know there was some malicious software installed on your computer? Imagine you had no control on what others can see on your computer? These are just some questions you might wish to ponder when considering what you need to protect your computer.

Amazingly we are led to believe that Internet Security Suites are the answer to your security. Well I’ve got news for you they are not!

  • IDTP only lists what we recommend as safe, secure and trusted.
  • We also want your computers performance not to suffer -so most if not all of the programs we promote claim not to affect computer performance.

Plain and simple, here is what you need! So go visit our Find A Solution right now!
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Firewall – this controls what information comes in and goes out of your computer a bit like the front door of your house
Anti Virus
– protects your computer from viruses, spyware etc – some protect your emails (spam filter), provide instant messaging and browser security to name a few
Password Manager – store your username and passwords in a secure location and auto fill forms when online
Anti-Keylogger – hides your keypresses (called encryption) when browsing, filling in online forms, online banking and can also hide emails from prying eyes
Sandboxing – this uses encryption and creates a secure “virtual” disk drive (this isn’t hardware you need to buy, so don’t worry about further expenditure!) to work from i.e. you can save files and create folders in an environment which is safe from prying eyes. Additionally if you accidentally install a malicious program it will only be installed in the “sandbox” thereby protecting your operating system and the remainder of your hard drive.
Spam filter – filters spam and malicious emails you might receive by placing them in a junk/spam folder in Outlook or whatever email program you use.

Note: Most Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) provide spam filtering although it is not entirely effective. The main reason for this is they tend not to want to employ “aggressive filtering” as customers may lose emails and inundate the support line asking for emails to be resent – which may in turn increase the ISP’s costs and then they will pass on the costs to you with higher monthly fees!


The average cost of purchasing Internet Security is around 50 GBP ($100). If you were to carefully choose a solution from the categories above you could end up paying nothing! That’s right nothing! So have some fun and see how much you save right now!

Safe surfing folks!

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