More stolen data – when are we going to learn?

Why are we seeing so many data breaches these days?

In the past week alone we have seen Best Western hacked for 8m personal records (nice work if you can market to these people!) and more recently (today 26th Aug) a leading UK bank had exposed a million personal records on a computer being sold on auction site eBay.

When will these businesses learn that antivirus, firewalls and anti-spam/spyware programs are only one aspect of protecting online data?

Enough gossip about the breaches… how do businesses and consumers protect themselves from these awful hackers? It’s simple really – I’d suggest you (and businesses) consider the following:

1. Anti-keyloggers
This will hide (encrypt) all those keypresses in the event a trojan (keylogger) has inadvertently landed on your computer… it works too! Stops those malicious programs from copying your usernames and passwords now!!!!!!

2. Encryption volume software
Similar to above, except this is a a volume (part of your hard drive) that is used for storing all your data. You access this data using a password. Very safe indeed! All your work would be safe and secure here. Additionally you might wish to consider a ‘Sandbox’. This allows you to browse and work in total safety, downloading, saving and installing applications to a safe and secure area of your hard drive. So if a virus is found it will only be resident in the Sandbox – so will not work properly and will not affect other areas of your computer.

3. Password Managers
These are programs that store your usernames and passwords for each website you visit. They can also be used to store your credit card numbers, chip and pin numbers and bank login information. TIP: store the password file in an encrypted folder and/or sandbox for double security.

These must be used in conjunction with antivirus, firewall, antispam and antispyware software. So do not neglect these! All this software seems a lot. It may also sound expensive and slow your computers performance. I can assure you that the risk far out weighs the cost and you shouldn’t notice performance issues (as most of the applications are small programs with limited memory hogging).

Let me know if you find software we haven’t covered in the classified zone on IDTP. Forget, we want to provide you all you need with minimum fuss…. real solutions!!!

Safe surfing folks……

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