Credit Card "Dumping"

Dumping is slang for “stolen credit cards”. Visit a chat room, IRC or forum and with a bit of luck and skill you might be invited into a “dumping” forum and allowed to join a thread. I haven’t had personal experience of these forums but I know people who have (not for fraudulent purposes might I add!).

Curiosity kills… so they say! Sadly I’m not entirely curious when it comes to this type of stuff. Money is transferred between those that have the stolen cards, which I can tell you contain credit card numbers, CVV, sort code, type of card (i.e. Visa), internet banking login information and so on… sometimes addresses as well.

You make money from selling the dumps as well as make money from the credit card victims. Believe me too, there are websites that offer not just dumps but also provide you with programs that maliciously collect usernames and passwords (referred to as trojans and keyloggers).

As hard as we try to stop this kind of stuff, we are always left one step behind….

Safe surfing folks!

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