Antivirus spyware ads in Google

Keep an eye on which antivirus adverts you click on in Google (these could also be residing on other search engines and within search listings – so becareful).

A recent sponsored link (today) was identified as spyware (very nasty too!). Do not click on any links in relation to the following adverts, as they all contain spyware, malware and trojans.

Here are some of the ads (no links of course!)

Antivirus 2008
Antivirus 2009
XP Antivirus
antivirus-2008-noadware (Noticed TODAY! 28.08.08)

The infection paths are via:
1. An online scan
2. accidently clicking on a download from the malicous web page
3. Emoticon downloads

Again, if anyone has any more information on this please let me know. We are tracking this one closely as it has affected a number of people in our circle.

If you find you have installed this spyware then please use the SAFE link below for removal instructions:
or visit our website:

Safe surfing folks!

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