Safe browsing – hints and tips from ID Theft Protect

At ID Theft Protect we often get asked what tools you can use for safe browsing. Most users believe all you need is a:

  • Firewall
  • Internet Security
  • Anti-spyware & a
  • Spam filter

Well this is partly true. However there is some additional security software you should consider using as well. It’s worth remembering the following conditions:

  • Useability – user friendly and requires little or no knowledge to use etc
  • Resource – does it slow down your computer? etc
  • Safe and Secure – is it safe to download and install? no spyware or malware etc

Here is the additional software you should consider using. Just click on the highlighted link (which is a link from the IDTP site – so as to make sure all is safe and secure) and you will be taken to our find a solution zone (you will also find other software too, so please feel free to search our ‘Find a solution’):

Encrypted volume (this is software that hides your hard drive or a part of it that you use)
Software: Cryptainer PE
Click here:
Price: FREE
Why use it? Easy to install and free to use. Name the hidden volume, find a secure location and set a password. That’s it!

Password manager (stores your usernames and passwords in a hidden file)
Software: Password Safe
Click here:
Price: FREE
Why use it? Easy to install and free to use. Add your usernames and passwords and autotype username and password into website fields. No jargon – plain and simple to use.

Sandboxing (this is similar to an encrypted volume but hides your browsing experience too)
Software: Sandboxie
Click here:
Price: $30 (lifetime registration – so no subscription renewals to be done!)
Why use it? Lifetime registration is rare. So a must have. Setup is quick and easy and access is very simple indeed for non-techies.

Anti-keylogger (this hides your username and password as you type)
Software: KeyScambler Personal
Click here:
Price: FREE
Why use it? Sits on the browser bar . Apart from being free it’s a must have as it encrypts (hides) your keystrokes when you type a website address, username or password. Just install and that’s it.

None of this software will slow the performance of your computer. All software has been carefully selected under the conditions highlighted above.

Safe browsing peaple!

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