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ID Theft Protect launched their new website on April 17th. Apart from the website redesign, one of the primary goals was to promote awareness of the Find a solution (FAS) [see opposite categories] – hence it’s prominent positioning on the middle of the home page.

What is the FAS?

The FAS is the classified section of the website. It is an advertising medium but more importantly it lists solutions, tools, products and services in over 30 popular relevant categories.

Search categories

There are currently 32 search categories within the FAS. Some of these are highlighted below (see screenshot):

The search categories will have a text link, some text about the listing and an image. There are hundreds of entries in the FAS.

Adding listings to the IDTP FAS

ID Theft Protect analysts crawl search engines and websites looking for products and services to list on a daily basis. We have the following guidelines for an entry to be placed within the FAS:

  • Malware and Spyware free
  • Easy to install and use
  • Resource testing – does it slow down your computer?
  • Safe and secure website – purchasing options are clear and safe to use

If all these criteria is met, then we contact the publisher to confirm that they are also happy for us to add their product to our listing. Obviously this is very time consuming and costly for us, but we believe it provides the following benefits:

  • Safety and security – website and solution install and use
  • Assurance that the website and solution is safe and reliable to use
  • Quality links – all our links are tested daily

If we find a website or solution starts behaving maliciously we will consult the publisher (vendor) and if we are not satisfied with the response or we receive high numbers of complaints from our members we will remove the listing from the FAS.

Find a solution vs

The main difference between the FAS and is we control what listings are published – publishers are in control which means you are not 100% sure that the links are safe and secure.

We also check the websites where the solutions originated from. This way we can assure our community that nothing is left open to malicious activity.

Currently publishers can upload PAD files and software to We do not want users to download from us however, as this will affect the user experience… we guide the user to the publishers website to download or purchase so that they can review and find out more about the solution they may consider downloading.

We reviewed and although we like it and it’s fanbase is large, it struggles with too much information, too many bad links and there is no emphasis on quality. We provide specific information, no bad links, clear direction ,website safety and security and most importantly a quality resource.

If you want to find a solution, we suggest you take a peek at – you just maybe surprised at what you learn and more importantly we believe you’ll come back to us again and again……

Happy days peaple!

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