UK: Standard Life customers at risk of fraud after disc goes missing

Recent News:
THOUSANDS of Standard Life customers could be at risk of fraud after a disc containing personal details went missing.
The company has written to nearly 15,000 customers and put extra security measures on their accounts following the loss of the CD, which contained names, addresses and pension details.


It was sent by courier from the Government’s revenue and customs office in Newcastle but failed to arrive in Edinburgh. Yvonne Savage, Standard Life public relations manager, said: “We spent a couple of weeks working with the revenue trying to establish if it had been delivered to another company. We have now had to declare the CD lost. We’ve now written to everybody. As soon as we knew the CD had gone missing we put extra security on to these customers’ accounts.
“We’ve done a check to make sure there’s been no suspicious activity. There’s been absolutely nothing. We think this was just human error.”
She said the CDs were sent out every month with details of people who wanted National Insurance contributions paid into private pension funds.


Julian Evans, ID fraud expert comments “it appears that the laptop data was secured with encryption, but the a paper copy of some of the names and financial details is a cause for concern. For those of you who are worried about your information being used for identity theft, I suggest you signup with ID Theft Protect today!.”


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