UK: HMRC CD’s with 25m bank details lost (7.25m UK families are affected)

BREAKING NEWS – You could be a potential target for fraudsters if you or a member of your family currently receive child benefit!

As you may have already heard two CD’s containing 25m personal details belonging to 7.25m families in the UK has gone missing.

What could happen to you and your family if someone uses your personal details fraudulently?

1. Open a new bank account in your name
2. Take out an overdraft in your name
3. Apply for credit in your name i.e. credit card , loan or even a mortgage
4. Someone could send you a fake email (phishing email) and ask you to sign in to your bank account (they want your card number/personal id, passcode and registration number)
5. Worse still, it could take you months to clear your name! ACT now before it is too late – and remember Christmas is around the corner!

At ID Theft Protect, Julian wants consumers to feel they can trust IDTP – consumers interests are fully understood by us… and only us!

Julian Evans, ID Theft Protect Expert suggests 5 simple steps to protect your identity you should do the following NOW!!!:

What should you do?

1. Sign up with one of the credit monitoring agencies immediately -they will alert you if/when a credit application or a bank account is about to be opened. It is FREE to join.

2. Sign up with CIFAS (this is the UK Fraud Prevention Service) for “protective registration” – this will allow you to have a ‘fraud alert’ placed on your credit file which in affect means any application for credit would involve you providing further proof of identity. This costs £11.75, but we think this service is worth your piece of mind.

3. Sign up with ID Theft Protect to find out how at risk you are of becoming an identity fraud victim – our FREE risk assessment will show you how at risk you are. Best of all, you will also learn about things you didn’t know about.

4. Sign up with the mail preference service – they stop all those annoying marketing phone calls and junk mail – there is the MPS (Mailing Preference Service), TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and BMPS (Baby Mailing Preference Service)

5. Finally advise your bank that your details may have been compromised and they can take the appropriate steps to watch for unusual transactions on your account – remember you are protected under the banking code – so if money does leave your account fraudulently the bank will refund you.

Lastly, if you have any further questions related to this serious breach of data, please do not hesitate to contact ID Theft Protect at [email protected]

Remember, it is necessary you follow the steps outlined above if you are be assured that your personal details will not be used by an identity fraudster.

Julian Evans, ID Theft Protect Expert (c) Nov 2007

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