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As you may be aware identity fraud is currently a hot topic in the news. Over the past 2 years I’ve spent working in the ‘anti-identity fraud’ industry I’ve now started to see the market take shape.

Currently the major push is for people to protect their credit, so online monitoring services appear popular, but in fact very few people know or understand what their credit report is. Other areas are of course include: anti-virus, firewall, internet security, parental control software and browser security. I visualized some 2 years ago that we’d have data breaches by govt and private companies – and if you live in the UK you would have heard the latest on the HMRC CD loss and the Tesco insider fraud. This is the tip of the iceberg.

Enough from me, here are some interesting solutions to consider:

Identity Finder – find out what personal information is stored on your computer! Great tool and simple to use – will produce an interesting report!
Txt2Lock – lose your mobile (cell) phone and be able to stop someone else from accessing your mobile (cell) and SIM card. The phone is then useless. Fabulous!
Prepaid Credit cards – these allow you to control how much you top up your card – it also means you do not expose your credit card and bank/checking account online/offline – Fabulous!
Web cards – these are virtual credit cards – similar to prepaid cards but they protect your card number from ever being copied – we love this!

This is only a sample of what we know. In fact no other site provides the comprehensive resource that IDTP does! Fact – we are the consumers ‘best friend’!

Enjoy reading and happy surfing!
Mr IDTP!, Julian Evans

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