Why buy Identity Theft and Credit Card Insurance?

Register with ID THEFT PROTECT and receive ‘lifetime membership’ for £4.99! http://www.id-theftprotect.co.uk/ or

Based on an individuals average yearly spend on Identity Theft and Credit Card Insurance, each individual would save £78 per annum (or £6.50 per month) if they signed up with IDTP! It’s that simple!
STAT ATTACK – If you have been a victim of credit card fraud in the UK you can no longer report it as a crime to the Police. We suggest you contact your bank and or Credit Card Company immediately. Read this article to find out more. (Ref: 2006 Fraud Act – UK) http://www.id-protect.co.uk/news.php?news_id=83

STAT ATTACK – 90% of global users never check all their transactions on their bank or credit card statements (Statistics: ID Theft Protect Quiz Data)

STAT ATTACK – The average UK yearly cost of having Credit Card and Identity Theft Insurance is £78 – that is £6.50 per month and you may never need it! Join with http://www.id-theftprotect.co.uk/ today to SAVE money!

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