How to hide your Facebook privacy from search engines

Hide Your Facebook Profile in TWO simple STEPS

2010 Update: Please click here for the updated copy of how you hide your Facebook profile from search engines.

This is good news if you maintain a professional quality Facebook profile. Having it appear in organic searches for your name is one more element of control over your online reputation. If this is the case then just sit back and relax, because Facebook’s default behavior is include your public profile in search engine results.
How do you hide your FACEBOOK Profile?
Hiding your Facebook profile from appearing in search engines in TWO SIMPLE STEPS:

1. Log into your Facebook account and navigate to ‘Privacy Settings’ (see top right hand corner near ‘log out’) or use
2. Click on ‘Search’ and where it says ‘My public search listing’ uncheck the box. This will disable your profile from appearing in search engines.

To all you budding social community users in the world of cyberspace, remember always be careful what information you share online…..

Happy cyber connecting folks!
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