Beware Scam Job Hunting Emails

I received the email below yesterday (29th Oct 2007). It looks and reads genuine, but after closer inspection you will notice it is actually a scam email.

These types of emails are now becoming quite common. So what should you do if you receive this type of email? Here are five simple steps you should consider before replying to this type of email:

  • Are you looking for work right now? If so, you will already know the job search company and contact so you can call them to confirm the email is genuine
  • If you are not looking for work and receive this or any other job email like this, I suggest you delete it right now!
  • Closer inspection of the email and you can see the domain appears real but the contact email address has a ‘Gmail’ domain. This should be your first red flag
  • The ‘To’ box is to my ‘inf[email protected]’ account (and does not show my name) so this is spam and therefore this appears that the spammer hasn’t spidered websites to extract my actual email address
  • Also the last sentence is interesting – it is allowing me to ‘unsubscribe’ – right.. ok. I reply and the spammer knows my account is active – and wait for it, lots more of these spamming emails will begin to arrive in my inbox and not just from this particular spammer

Remember, if you do provide personal information, you should only provide your personal data to a recognised recruitment agency. This example is purely generic but typical of what a job hunter (and non-job hunter ) will receive. Never be duped by this type of scam email even if you are desperate to find work. Criminals will use ‘social engineering’ as a psychological method of extracting your personal sensitive information to commit financial fraud. You will be amazed as to how many job seekers fall for this simple email scam trick.
Safe surfing folks!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know many friends who have been victims of these types of emails. I certainly do not want my checking a/c accessed by fraudsters! Scary stuff this blog!

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