21st Century Britain – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

My Initial Thoughts

I discussed my very thoughts on this some 4 years ago to a group of friends and family, when I said the world will become a ‘BIG BROTHER STATE’. No one would listen. I also said that the 21st century would herald a ‘sea of change’, not for the best either, for all of us who use the Internet. No one listened. Now in 2007 people are starting to listen. At last!


See what is happening. Here is my TOP10:

1. CCTV cameras
2. Speed cameras
3. Traffic master
4. Sat Nav
5. Mobile Phone tracking and people finder websites
6. ISP’s and Google tracks you every step of the way!
7. GPS tracking for cars – mileage mangement systems and anti-theft devices
8. Satelitte TV
9. Govt websites start renting/selling data re: UK Land Registry Service
10.Credit Cards – tracks when,where and what you buy

All of the above track you in some way or another. I here you say so what? Do you want everyone to know where you are? They watch, gather (provide data to each other too), analyse and extract data on you, thus building up a profile of your life, whether it be financial, personal and or business for example. Now…. start to wonder what could happen if this data was compromised? Keep on thinking…..

Govt websites

Government bodies, although non-profit have seen that they hold a lot of information on us. Now… I here you say, so what!

Well, they can use the data and rent or sell it to 3rd parties or even better setup a website to provide you the information you pay for – thus not being non-profit after all. That’s right ‘pay for!

Haven’t you already paid enough taxes and isn’t this your information already?
So why pay for it again and why does ‘joe public’ need your information?
Another stealth tax maybe?

What do I think?

I think your information will be used to commit fraud in your good name. Worse still, the more information in the public domain about you the higher the risk you will become a victim of fraud. I also know that you would not want others to know about your private life!

Think of the recent UKLRS news story – you can find out everything from land registry, details of mortgages, to applications pending on a particular property….. http://www.landsearch.net/financial.asp

Enough of my gossip….. what do you need to do? Consumers read on… businesses beware, corporates watch out and Govt – KEEP OUT!

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4 Responses to 21st Century Britain – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

  1. Amanda Lorenzani says:

    Interesting stuff, thanks Julian!

  2. Julian says:

    thanks – how did you find the blog? I do have another blog… but our site http://www.id-protect.co.uk is attracting considerable attention not surprisingly at the moment. Big topic and it covers most if not all our everyday lives,

    Why not take our id theft quiz?

  3. B Bond says:

    Is this a SCAM site ? I gave them my Credit Card No 3 days ago & NO answer yet. I can drive a few minutes to get this detail of who owns this land, but this site claims to save time- (NOT SO) !

    • Julian says:

      #B Bond# The UKLRS is an independent body previously part of the Timewell plc property group, so isn’t a scam site. For example, they charge £19.95 for a Title Register whereas the UK Land Registry https://www.landregistry.gov.uk/ charges £4.00. If you were to decide which to use and price was important to you, then the UK Land Registry is where you should go.

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